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Counseling for Anxiety, Depression and Phase of Life Issues

Counseling Approach

I will mostly be utilizing a style of therapy called cognitive behavioral therapy, which is an evidence-based form of therapy that has proven efficacy in treating depression, anxiety, and other common mental health diagnoses. The idea behind Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is that each of us has a core belief that acts as a "filter" for the way we view all aspects of life. For example, if your core belief is that you are not "good enough", each simple interaction gets filtered with this view and impacts the way you feel and behave negatively. However, if you replace the filter by challenging your original perspective,  you are often able to see the world more clearly.

Sometimes our "filter" can be impacted by our past experiences. For example you may have learned that perfectionism in your youth helped you avoid triggering your parents' anxiety or anger. However as an adult, your perfectionism may make it hard for you to receive constructive feedback in the workplace. Figuring out how our past has impacted our core beliefs, and then challenging whether that is needed now as an adult can be effective in reducing anxious and depressive symptoms.

While my main approach uses CBT, I am also trained in other theoretical orientations such as  Pastoral Therapy, EMDR, Cognitive Processing Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy and Emotion-Focused Couples Therapy. I will most likely use a mix of several different interventions in working with you.


In my experience, treatment is most effective when you connect with someone who is non-judgmental, safe, and welcoming. I aim to make counseling  a comfortable experience where you feel you can work at your own pace to reach your goals. When we first meet, you will get a sense of my style of therapy to see whether I am the right type of therapist for your needs. If it turns out I am not the right fit or am not trained for work effectively for you, I'd love to help you find a treatment provider who will be a better fit.

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Contact Me

Virtual Therapy, Tennessee | (423) 397-5440

All sessions are currently being conducted via Telehealth.

E-mail is the preferred form of contact as I am in-and-out of sessions.

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