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Resources for Body Image/HAES-Eating Disorders

Health At Every Size/Intuitive Eating Reading

Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch: I highly recommend this book as a starting point for anyone looking to heal their relationship with food and body image. Intuitive Eating is the groundwork for understanding how diet culture has influenced the perception of "health" and addresses ways one can begin to approach food, exercise, and body image from a new perspective. 

The Inside Scoop on Eating Disorder Recover: Good, approachable language book about diet culture, the right to pursue health at any size, and healing one's relationship with food and exercise. Language can be a little too approachable for some populations (re: cursing etc.).

The Body is Not An Apology: This book introduces radical self-acceptance and challenges fatphobia and the shaming of people in larger, non-white, bodies. It looks at the harmful systems in-place that marginalize those in larger, different bodies. Highly recommend. This book is written by a black author which I find refreshing for  the body image world. 

Health-At-Every-Size Aligned Registered Dietitians in Tennessee

Courtney Phifer, Registered Dietitian - Focus Treatment Centers in Chattanooga, TN -

Mary Pate Bennet, Registered Dietician in Chattanooga, TN - 

Pamela Kelle - Registered Dietitian in Chattanooga TN,

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